Neatwork is an Agua Para La Vida (APLV) software tool for the design and the simulation of networks for the distribution of water by gravity through protected pipes. This software complies with the specific requirements for the distribution of drinking water for villages that can be dispersed and is designed for users who are neither practiced designers nor engineers. It offers the following advantages:

  • It manages according to the user’s wishes and explicitly a compromise between a minimum material cost and a satisfactory regulation of the individual outflows at the outlets. Therefore it allows an optimum sizing.
  • The user reaches this sizing in a very short time.
  • This tool has been used successfully for a number of years by technicians with minimum training.
Starting with a network with a given topography (location and elevation of the tank, of the water outlets and of the nodes or connections) and with chosen constraints on the availability of material (diameters and thicknesses of the pipes) the software program:
  1. Proposes instantaneously a design, (diameters and thicknesses of the pipes). This design satisfies the most probable individual requirements of the end-points at peak hours of use and this at minimum cost. This feature distinguishes Neatwork from practically all existing distribution software programs.
  2. Simulates the details of the behavior of the network for numerous configurations of multiple partial demands of the end-points, randomly or specifically chosen.  These simulations allow the user the gauge the suitability of the design.
  3. Allows hand modification of any network sizing and calculates the performance of the modified network.

This software has been developed by a team from the University of Geneva in close collaboration with APLV. It is graciously housed and maintained by Ordecsys.

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