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1 Jan 2006
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1 Mar 2006
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Okawas is a dispersed community situated on a set of hills, and there is quite a distance between the various homes. To get there you must first cross a significant river on a boat, then continue on foot or horseback about an hour to the village. There is no vehicle access.

Okawas had its handover celebration recently, a major celebration complete with a band (who arrived on horseback), decorated facilities, and a visit by a Thierry Sciari, representing the funding organization, Res Publica from France.

Read an article about the handover celebration and watch a slideshow of the official handover at the village in February, 2008.

Gregoria and Lilian preparing one of their health surveys in Okawas
Fadir taking the piñata on horseback up to the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Okawas
The water tank for the Okawas water system
Everything decorated for the Okawas ribbon-cutting ceremony
The Okawas Potable Water committee
A happy boy (with his standard Central American rubber boots) at the Okawas celebration