What We Do

Clean, Safe Drinking Water

We provide the technical expertise, training, and the bulk of the materials to allow rural communities to build their own sustainable gravity-flow potable water systems.


Every project includes the construction (by the families themselves) of latrines for every participating household (and the community school). Proper human waste management can vastly improve the health of the community.

Community Health Education

Water and sanitation can vastly improve the health of a community, but if people don't use them well, they are much less effective. For that reason we help each community build a health committee which can continually emphasize proper water, sanitation, wastewater and garbage management techniques for schoolchildren and families.

Watershed protection

Each APLV project has a micro-watershed protection component, including reforestation near the spring, protection of the spring, cooperative agreements with nearby landowners and land users, and education for all about the importance of protecting the watershed.

Technical Information and Software

Design of a gravity-flow water system is not a trivial task, and appropriate technical tools and information are key to success. APLV has developed software and technical textbooks explaining the processes, which are freely available and have been used by NGOs all over the world. Read more about technical resources freely available for download.

Training Water Technicians

Since gravity-flow water systems require technical expertise and community leadership, APLV runs a 2-3 year program for recent high school graduates. The ETAP (Technical School for Potable Water) takes rural agricultural young people and transforms them into skilled wate professionals, able to lead an entire project. Read more about the ETAP...